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We have a new badge!

proposed Anglican Fellowship badge - fin

The badge of the Anglican Fellowship in Scouting and Guiding is a Cross alongside the world-wide Anglican Communion “Compass Rose” emblem, all in white, on a red background (and the shade of colour is the official ‘Anglican Communion red’).

The cross symbolises the Christian Faith as a whole.

The centre of the Compass Rose contains the cross of St George, while the points of the compass symbolise the spread of Anglican Christianity around the world.

The mitre at the top indicates the role of Episcopacy and Apostolic Order which is at the heart of the traditions of the Churches of the Anglican Communion – that is:  each area (nowadays called a Diocese) is led by its Bishop, who has received that authority through a line of succession coming down all the way from the twelve apostles.


The woven cloth badge is suitable for wearing on Scout uniform, and on activity / leisure clothing, camp fire blanket, haversack, etc.

The enamelled metal brooch badge is suitable for wearing on Girlguiding or Trefoil Guild badge tabs, and as a non-uniform lapel pin.


AF badge red.jpg

Our previous badge

This badge was based on the Anglican Communion's "Compass Rose" logo.

The compass points symbolise the spread of Anglican Christianity around the world, and is likewise emblematic of the spread of Guiding and Scouting across the globe.

the north-south and east-west arms of the compass are formed as a Cross.

The Scout Association and Girlguiding are represented by their respective emblems, complemented by the mitre at the top emphasising the role of the episcopacy and apostolic order that is at the core of Churches which comprise the Anglican Fellowship.

This badge is still in use, being on our woggle.

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